Detox, Alkalize, and Energize

It’s super important to detox daily! Most believe that every once in awhile we need a “good cleanse” but truth is, we need to be cleansing daily. The importance of detoxing daily goes hand and hand with your health.

Detox Energy Greens detoxes your blood with Burdock Root and detoxes your liver with ingredient Milk Thistle. It’s crucial to cleanse our blood and our liver on a regular basis. But those are just two of the ingredients! DEG is loaded with so many more. With DEG you also detox your endocrine system which balances hormones. Unlike many other “Detoxes” DEG is easy on your system. You don’t have to worry about running off to the restroom, it’s not that type of cleanse. It’s more gentle, yet efficient.

When detoxing your body it’s necessary to refuel! Without refueling your body feels depleted, sometimes fatigued, and for some it could even have some harsh effects. That’s why we put tons of high antioxidant superfoods so you don’t feel any reverse effects. Turmeric, Beet Root, and Spirulina are three of my favorite superfoods that DEG contains to help refuel. Not only are these three ingredients high antioxidants they also have an endless list of benefits, reducing inflammation and reducing blood pressure are some.

Mix your powder blend of Detox Energy Greens into your desired beverage or drink and be prepared to feel amazing just after your first serving!

We’ve got you covered!